Our Clients

Reliable Support Behind You
After negative experiences with previous companies, I was delighted to find Lexii. Their expertise, dedication, personal attitude and responsiveness is unparalleled. I know that when you deal with technology, you need reliable support behind you. I will recommend Lexii to any business looking for IT Support. Give Rob and his team a call today.
Amariah Taft-Shivers
Operations Manager

Playground Medic
Cost Effective Solution For A Small Firm
What I like best about Lexii is the response time. Lexii is always available to resolve a problem with any hardware or software within an hour. It was a concern of Still Lake Capital not having an in-house IT manager, but it has worked out better than we could have expected and is a cost-effective solution for a small firm. In this industry, prompt response is a large portion of our success and Lexii has aided in making this possible.
Bruce Martin – President & CEO
Still Lake Capital
Productivity Has Effectively Increased            
“Our experience with Lexii has been exceptional. Since implementing their proactive approach to IT management, our service requests have dropped by 75% and productivity has effectively increased because we are no longer spending hours each month troubleshooting and trying to resolve IT issues. Having Lexii as our trusted Technology Management Firm, I have the peace of mind that our needs are being well looked after.”
Dr. Jonathan Gorman
Their Unit Cost Approach Is Also Refreshing
Our experience with Lexii has been positive in every way. They bring knowledge and experience to the table coupled with helpfulness, responsiveness and commitment. Their unit cost approach is also refreshing in that it is completely predictable and consistent. The fact that the owner of this company has over 25 years of experience in the corporate world and in the private community in this specific field was the deciding factor in me choosing this specific company. There are no hidden charges. Our hearty recommendation of Lexii is unqualified and resounding.
Larry Haggerty – President  
Best Humidors
You Can Be Confident In Lexii
We are completely computer dependent in this office and cannot function day to day with system problems and deficiencies. If you are too; looking to outsource your Information Technology support, you can be confident in Lexii’s talent, ability and expertise. We are extremely pleased with the way Lexii looks after us.
Edward Klotz – President & CEO  
23-25 Spring Street 
No Discernable Downtime
Lexii is an important member of our team. Their proactive approach to support keeps our systems running with no discernable downtime and they respond quickly to our questions or if an issue does arise. One would be hard pressed to surpass the quality of service we have received from them. We would highly recommend Lexii to any business looking for IT support.
Andrew Mintzer – President and CEO
GFI Communications 
Now I Just Feel Like They’re One Of Our Staff
Crossbronx Realty Plaza, LLC has been with Lexii since the ’90s and felt very comfortable with them since day 1. At the time, our organization was growing too fast for our staff to keep up with our IT. We knew we needed outside help. Now I just feel like they’re one of our staff.
I love their Managed Services because I would much rather spend more time on preventive maintenance and try to stay away from breakdowns and downtime. With the way they monitor our systems from their office, they know if there is as problem before we do. They will call us and say, “Hey, we’re seeing your server having some issues. We need to jump on it real quick and make sure what’s going on.” I never have to worry about it myself.
Their response time is great and their service, care, and efficiency has just been impeccable. So I can’t say enough good about Lexii. They’ve been great.
As the president and CEO of Crossbronx Realty Plaza, LLC, I highly recommend Lexii IT services to anyone who is in business and their growth and services rely on technology.
Flavio Mendez – President & CEO
Crossbronx Realty Plaza
No Significant Downtime Means Higher Productivity
“Lexii has made my life easier; removing technology frustrations and headaches other providers left us with. Finding Lexii and implementing their proactive services is one of the best things we have done. No significant downtime means higher productivity. Seeing the results, they helped us achieve and having experienced costly technology problems in the past, the best advice I can give – avoid my mistake of waiting for something major to go wrong. Contact Lexii and get proactive with your technology, you’ll be glad you did.”
Joseph Schlim Managing Partner
Valcour Capital Holdings LLC
Proactive Service Very Helpful
“Lexii has been our technology partner for over a decade. We find their proactive service very helpful with issues brought to our attention before they become operational problems. Recommendations and solutions are always thought out, well planned and seamless. Lexii is reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. That is why I recommend them whenever I get the chance.”
Isaac Merin – President
Gem House